Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Warm / Clear Water Sticking Around

Next Swims:  Wed 8/22 6PM?  ( Capt'n or Patriarch), Thursday 6AM

Last Swims:  Tue 8/21 6PM?  (not sure who all swam...comment if you did), Wed 6AM
Wed AM Water Temp: 69.4
Wed AM Air Temp: 61
Waves: none...glasslike
Water Clarity:  exceptionally clear
Tue PM Crew: ??? (...please comment if you swam...)
Wed AM Crew: Diablo, Gumdrop, Showgirl, Dash, Speedy, Scooby, Wonder Woman, Nivens McTwisp, Ryan, Capt'n

The air may be a little cooler in the morning these days but the water continues to be warm and welcoming.  The glasslike lake surface made the swim up to Orange Kayak seemingly effortless while the sunrise into a cloudless sky was absolutely spectacular.

The Patriarch and I are out of action for this evening's swim but I will stop by around 7:30 or so to record the official PM water temp which should be in the low 70's given today's forcasted high in the 80's.


dash said...

James and Dash swam Tue pm (it was beautiful; see also comment previous day).

Ben Speed said...

It appears that Diana Nyad has failed for the third time to cross from Cuba to Florida. Darn tropical storm!

James Biles said...

I will be swimming tonight. I believe the Fine Wench will be joining me.

Lauren Harper said...

James, Fine Wench (Jess), Lee, and myself (Wonder Woman) were there Wed nite. Not sure if there were any others. James was in a wetsuit for the first time I have ever seen him and Fine Wench and I did cartwheels and handstands in the sand. We miss our Capn and Patriarch :(

James Biles said...

Ron also got a swim in this evening. The Fine Wench and I saw him swimming south as we were finishing our swim. Jess and I also spent several minutes investigating the treasue chest. I think I need to stage some appropriate tools in my car to be available at the opportune time. I swam in a wetsuit today for a reason. More to come on that later.
Also, look at Diana Nyad's Today interview at