Thursday, August 16, 2012


Next Swims:  Fri 8/17 6AM   
(stay tuned for Weekend swim plans which will include a Big Bay and back swim)

Last Swim: Thu 8/16 6PM
Water Temp: 70.4
Waves: relatively calm
Water Clarity: clear in spots
Crew: The Patriarch, Sir James, Dash, Lorraine, Kim, Capt'n

Being one of the "Knuckleheads" who swam this morning I feel a pressing need to respond to the charge.  

Let's first start with a definition of what exactly is a "knucklehead"....

noun 1. knucklehead - a stupid person; these words are used to express a low opinion of someone's intelligence

So The Patriarch thinks of me and the crew of 4  others as stupid people?  Well, lets review the facts...
  • Did we swim this morning?  - Aye, we did!
  • Was there a storm approachin' when the Kru entered the water?  - Aye, that there was!
  • Did we contemplate not swimmin?  - Aye we did...but the Lady of the Lake was a callin!
  • Who's faster, Zeus or the Klode Kru?  - Zeus? Is that the nickname Matt is going by these days?  Heard he won the REV3....still don't think he's faster than Sir James though...I'm going with the Kru!  ...oh wait...Sir James thinks we're "Boneheads"...I need to think about this a little longer...
So were we stupid?  I'll let you decide but if you are curious about some facts about lightening and water here's a very interesting article:

It would appear that the conductivity of water isn't as much of a concern for swimmers during a storm as some may's the fact that you're the highest point in the water.  All points considered though, I think it still boils down to your perceived chance to win the lottery...which in my opinion this morning was...well, we did actually exit the water before the storm arrived....

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Gumdrop said...

Showgirl and I were there at 5:30AM but made the discerning judgement to NOT enter the water as we saw the lightning bolts and heard the thunder roar, keeping in mind that a lightning storm miles away can still shoot bolts your way. I must say though, as it is the Cap'n that steers the ship, it seems a tad unfair to call the other 4"knuckleheads", or "Boneheads", as it may be.