Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Scooby Vindicated: Treasure Chest Found!

Next Swims:  Tue 8/7 6PM, Wed 8/8 6AM & 6PM

Also: On Saturday James and Coach Jessica will conduct an open water clinic from 11:00 - 12:30.  This is an informal clinic: no registration, no fee, no responsibility on their part, swim at your own risk.

Also coming soon: we are close to zeroing in on a date for Scooby's party at his house on Beach Drive.   Last year's party was the highlight of the season, you don't want to miss it.

That's not all:  I am looking for a favorable day to do a shipwreck swim to the wreck of the steamship Appomattox off Atwater Beach.  This might be a last minute impromptu swim, keep your eyes on the blog.

Last Swim: Tue 8/7 6AM
Water Temp: 70+
Waves: Almost Calm
Water Clarity: Excellent
Crew:  It was bring your family to Klode day - Nivens McTwist brought his daughters Little Fish and Smart Ass, Ron brought his sons Jeremy and Ilian(sp?), and Coach Jessica brought her mom Denise, also swimming were Joe, Jake, James, Gumdrop, Showgirl, Diablo, Wonder Woman, Crash, David, Brain, Scooby, Patriarch - that's 20 swimmers total, which I believe is the record for a weekday swim

Have you been watching the Olympics and seen the commercial where Ryan Lochte swims the Atlantic to get to London?  He says, "it wasn't luck that got me to London, I swam there".  I was thinking of that as I was swimming this morning.  For me swimming across Whitefish Bay is just as epic as swimming to the Olympics, except unlike Ryan I have no talent, I'm just lucky.  Lucky to be swimming under a gorgeous crimson sunrise in clear calm warm water with great group of friends.

Everyone that's been making fun of Scooby (which is pretty much everyone) since he claimed to see a "treasure chest" must now apologize. Several swimmers confirmed it.  It's very close to the shore, just north of the yellow kayak that is on the rocks just before the Silver Spring "drain pipe".  But the next question is:  what's in it?  It's much too heavy and buried in sand to lift out.  Wonder Woman suggested dynamite.  Any other ideas?  I'll bet James and Flipper will figure it out.  One's an ex Navy diver and the other an ex Navy seal.  They taught you how to blow things up underwater, right?


Gumdrop said...
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Gumdrop said...

Haphazardly suggesting to blow up a mysterious chest in our Lady of the Lake without even taking proper pirate like counsel? Have you lost your brain? Has the abundances of to much warm water swimming somehow affected you? I simply can not believe that this is an observation, rambling, rant, and/or wacko theory that has been spawned by the Patriarchs usual demeanor and subtle restraints of madness. One has to wonder if Cap’n has somehow hijacked Patriarchs password and now is planning some sinister diabolical scheme unbeknownst to Patriarch. One should take proper counsel (and a shot or two of Killepitsch as well) first. From whence could this mysterious chest have come from for example and why has it appeared presently? Could it be bait and a trap? Or a hidden portal to a long lost underground river leading to the locker of Davy Jones? Or cursed treasure perhaps? Arrrg, this sounds like serious affairs of moment which ought t’be rightly voted upon by the crew, according to the articles that indeed were first laid down by Morgan and Bartholomew. These are scary times me hearties, I can only recommend counsel and Killepitsch before such drastic action, and possibly afterwards as well!

Kahuna said...

The Shorewood 4th of July fireworks show is scheduled for this Saturday evening. Not sure of my schedule yet, but this is what I'm considering: taking a canoe or two out from the nature trail (just north of the intersection of Menlo and Lake Drive); anybody who wants to put on a wetsuit and come float along and watch the fireworks from the water, is welcome. Idea dependent on calm water.

Gumdrop said...

Who else is in for Fridays predicted noon time 6 foot swells!!?

Buddy said...

Are there any swims this Thursday morning 8/8?