Sunday, August 12, 2012

Next Swims: Mon 8/13 6AM & 6PM, Tue 8/14 6AM & 6PM

Last Swims:  Fri 6PM, Sat 11AM, Sun 1:30PM
Water Temps:  still 70 and above
Waves:  Huge Friday evening, still pretty big Sat, calm Sunday
Water Clarity: None, the big waves and currents have really stirred things up
Fri PM Crew: Wonder Woman, James, Showgirl, Cap'n, Gumdrop, Mike
Sat Crew: James, Jessica, Ryan, Jason, Jack, Rolf, Lorraine, Showgirl, Patriarch, Dave, Not Dave's Wife, Gumdrop
Sun Crew:  Crash, Lorraine, David, Hernon, Lee, Jake, James, Patriarch, Diablo, Jack Frost, Melanie, and arriving late Ele & Friend
(I might have forgotten some people, sorry - please leave a comment so I can correct the list

The Lake is a lady of many moods, and we saw them all this weekend.  Furious, angry, playful, serene, calm.  Friday night the waves were as big and powerful as I have ever seen them (on Lake Michigan anyway, Superior and the ocean are different matters).  The waves and currents were so powerful that no one could make it back to the starting point, all had to exit the water and walk back.

Saturday things were a bit less crazy, but still rough enough that Jessica and James cancelled their open water clinic.  So we just went for a swim, but most did not make it far, but it was fun playing in the waves, except for Not Daves Wife who had an encounter with rock, thank heaven she is OK.

Sunday things had completely calmed down, and we were back to easy gliding on a smooth sea.


Gumdrop said...

James, Jessica, Jason and I (accompanied by Mr. Belvedere, whom managed to stay securely fastened this time :) made it to Mudslide and back on Sat.

dash said...

thank you soooo much, Sunday's swim was one of the most enjoyable things I ever did in my life! I dont know how the nicknames r chosen but i have a friend who read the blog and suggested my nickname should be dash. so if that works and I come to enough of these to earn a nickname, that is what I would request. Thank you--Lee Davis (dash).