Monday, August 27, 2012

Clear, Flat & Delightfully Warm

Next Swims:
   Tuesday (8/28) 6AM & 6PM
   Wednesday (8/29) 6AM

Last Swim:  Monday 8/27 PM
Water Temp: 70.4+ (pockets of even warmer water in spots)
Air Temp: 80 & Sunny
Waves:  Calm until 7pm then slight chop
Water Clarity:  crystal clear
Crew: Sir James, Scooby, Ali-Kat, Mr. Amazing, Slip-n-Slide, Bo, Lorraine, Lori, Missy, Ken, Matt, Matt, Mike, Mike, Karly, John, Jake, Capt'n

A crew of 18 enjoyed an exceptional evening of swimming.  Crystal clear, uncharacteristically flat (...for an evening swim...) and comfortably warm water with a few pockets warm enough to encourage those with wetsuits to contemplate ditching them.

The excitement is starting to build for the upcoming Blue Moon well as the expected return of The Patriarch tomorrow.  Stay tuned for more details about Friday's Blue Moon festivities....the full moon is scheduled to climb above the horizon at 7:11pm so projected time to walk the plank will be around 6:45pm.

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