Sunday, August 19, 2012

Perfect Day for Big Bay

Next Swims:  Mon 8/20 6AM & 6PM, Tue 8/21 6AM

Also:  The open water clinic Coach Jessica and 10 Mile National Champion James had planned for last weekend has been rescheduled for Monday night 8/20, 6PM - 7PM.  They will help you save  energy and maximize efficiency in open water swimming.  Topics include race preparation, start strategies, things to prepare for, turning at buoys, sighting technique, stroke technique.  Free!  Bring suit, towel, goggles, and optionally wetsuit.  Swim at your own risk.  

Last Swim:  Sunday 8/19 9AM
Water Temp: 69.6
Waves:  Calm for the trip to Big Bay, rising chop for those who returned.
Water Clarity: Crystal Clear
Crew: Patriarch, Diablo, Gumdrop, Capt'n, Alicat, Padre, Dash, Brain, Dave, Not Dave's Wife, Crash, Kim, Nick, Lorraine, Jack, Phil, Tony, Cheryl, Gigi, James, Jake, plus special thanks to Matriarch for providing shuttle service for gear and people between Klode and Big Bay

The swim gods blessed us with a near perfect day for our Big Bay swim.  A sunny day with warm clear calm water was all we could ask for.  We had twenty one people swim the 1.2 miles to Big Bay, about half swam back, the other half ran or were driven back.  14 of us celebrated a great swim by having brunch at North Star.

The cherry on this Sunday is that I can add my name to the list of people who have sighted the Treasure Chest.  Frankly, I always a bit skeptical about anything said by anyone in this group, especially when they make outrageous claims like seeing a treasure chest.  However we now have enough people who have claimed to see it that it can no longer be regarded as a tall tale, it's more of a hysterical phenomenon like alien abductions.  A considerable amount of discussion at brunch revolved around how to get it to shore and open it.  The discussion included explosives, shovels, winches, crowbars, and other unlikely strategies.  Capt'n is promising a treasure map to help others locate it, but roughly it's just south of the yellow kayak, about 20-30 feet from shore in waist deep water.      

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crash said...

Everything about today was perfect! Perfect conditions, company, food...and TIMING!!! Thanks for the fun, all!