Saturday, August 18, 2012

Big Bay Swim Sunday 8/19

Next Swim:  Sunday 9AM (Klode to Big Bay)  ...with Brunch to follow at North Star Bistro at 11am

Last Swim: Saturday (8/18) 11AM
Water Temp: 70.2 w/ pockets of cooler and warmer water
Air Temp:  73 with plentiful sunshine
Waves: slight chop from south but increasing
Water Clarity:  clear
Crew:  The Patriarch, Dash, Crash, Ali-Cat, Jason, Lorraine, Brian, Mike, Capt'n

Plans are set for Sunday's 9am Big Bay (and back?) swim.  Meet at 9am on Klode's southeast beach (...the location we typically 'walk the plank'...).  The Patriarch has graciously volunteered the services of The Matriarch to shuttle running shoes down to Big Bay for those interested in only swimming one way (1.2 miles).  If you are planning to run back be sure and bring along a pair of running shoes.  (...a bag for convenient transport of said shoes may not be a bad idea.)

A trial swim of the Big Bay and back course was completed by Brian this morning.  His round trip journey took him 64 minutes which was quite impressive when you consider the slight chop he swam into on his journey down to Big well as the fact that he biked to Klode from Wauwatosa this morning!

Also highlighting this morning's swim were two reported sightings of Scooby's Treasure Chest (...stay tuned for a treasure map...) as well as a round of Pitsch where we toasted our newest nicknamed Kru mate "Dash"!

PS.  For those unable to swim with us tomorrow but interested in joining us for brunch the address of the North Star Bistro is:  4518 N. Oakland Ave.  Please post a comment if you plan to join us so we can make a reservation.

Here's a link with a map/directions from Klode to the North Star Bistro:,+Whitefish+Bay,+WI&daddr=4518+North+Oakland+Avenue,+Milwaukee,+WI&hl=en&geocode=&abauth=502fee3dHpbCmq4PrriPMs0g8QkjEqSmAQs&aq=1&oq=klode&vps=2&jsv=428a&sll=43.098696,-87.887393&sspn=0.006737,0.016512&vpsrc=0&g=4518+North+Oakland+Avenue,+Milwaukee,+WI&mra=ls&num=10

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