Friday, August 12, 2011

Swim at Steve's Sunday

Next Swims: Saturday 8/13 Noon Klode

Sunday 8/14, 11:00AM, Steve has graciously invited us to swim from his place:
7152 N Beach Drive, Fox Point
Steve has an outdoor shower and hot tub for us to enjoy after the swim.
Please bring a snack to share, I will bring liquid refreshments.

Directions to Steve's: Beach Drive is accessed from Lake Drive at about 7700 North. Take Beach east (towards the Lake). It will go down a steep hill. At the bottom of the hill the road splits, stay right. The road will turn right at the lake. It will continue along the lake for a short distance, then it will turn inland. (You will be passing the infamous "witch's house"). There will be signs saying "dead end turn around" or something like that, but keep going until you get to Steve's at 7152 on the left.

Last Swims: Thursday 6PM, Friday 5:45 AM
Waves: Small Rollers
Water Temp: Thursday PM 70, Friday AM 68
Water Clarity: Very Clear
Thursday PM Crew: 3 Mikes, 2 Daves, Cheryl, Jeff, James, Patriarch, Eric & his daughter Annie
Friday AM Crew: James, Joe, Steve, Ben, Tony, Beth, Tim, Lane, Patriarch

Just another day in Paradise. Wow! A whole week of great weather with warm clear and mostly calm water. The weatherman wants to dampen the fun by predicting storms for the weekend but when has the weatherman ever been right? Anyway, it's great while it lasts and hopefully we'll have good conditions for our Sunday swim from Steve's.

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Mike said...

This is late notice, but I wanted to give you a heads up. I've got a crew of about 20 wisconsin swimmers and ex-swimmers heading for a klode to big bay swim around 2:30 to 3:00 is today (saturday). We'll have cars to caravan back to klode. Everyone's invited. Some of the kids are pretty fast and make a race out of it. Most just swim to finish it.