Friday, August 26, 2011

Skin is Still In / Directions to Steve's

Next Swim: Saturday noon at Steve's

Last Swim: Friday 8/26 6PM
Water Temp 69
Waves: rolling chop from south
Clarity: cloudy
Crew: The Patriarch, Diablo, Sir James, Slip-n-Slide, Diamond Dave, David, Mike, Mike, Tim, Kelly, Capt'n

Steve Place:
7152 N Beach Drive, Fox Point

The Plan:
Steve has an outdoor shower and hot tub for us to enjoy after the swim. The plan is to swim at noon, followed by a post swim pancake brunch. Of course there will be plenty of Pitsch on hand. Feel free to bring a food/drink item to share if you'd like....Sir James is rumored to be bringing left over brownies.

Directions to Steve's: Beach Drive is accessed from Lake Drive at about 7700 North. Take Beach Drive east (towards the Lake). It will go down a steep hill. At the bottom of the hill the road splits, stay right. The road will turn right at the lake. It will continue along the lake for a short distance, then it will turn inland. (You will be passing the infamous "witch's house"). There will be signs saying "dead end turn around" or something like that, but keep going until you get to Steve's at 7152 on the left.

Friday PM Swim summary: Another good sized crew walked the plank this evening into a rolling surf from the south. Oddly, even though the waves were pushing in from the south the current felt like it was going in the opposite direction. The oddity was confirmed by Sir James who said his swim out against the waves was quicker than his return. Warm water conditions persisted and swimming skin remained comfortable.

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Jeff said...

Hi guys, just want to share with you that my wife Claudia gave birth to Calvin Jeffrey Rogers @ 1:47 this morning. He came in at 7lbs 2oz and 19.5"...and seems rather eager to hit the surf with all of you. Claudia was a champ with no epidural (sp?) or any other form of pain reliever. Hopefully I'll be back swimming with you guys in a few days.