Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Slapped Around

Next Swims: Wednesday 8/31 6PM, Thursday 9/1 5:45 & 6PM

Last Swim: Wednesday 8/31 5:45AM
Water Temp: High Sixties
Waves: choppy 1-3ft waves and building
Water Clarity: cloudy
Crew: Diablo, Gumdrop, Kahuna, SonofKahuna, Bubba Speed, Beth, Ben, Joel, Brent, Mike, Capt'n

Gusty winds from the southeast made for challenging swim conditions this morning. Waves were more frequent (4-5 seconds apart) and sizable than the choppy conditions that we've been experiencing in the evenings. As a result, while the white caps weren't as frequently seen as with our evening swims the steady diet of 1-3ft waves and occasional 4ft wave did a pretty good job of slapping you around at times.

Despite challenging water conditions and a grey dimly lit sky the crew didn't bat an eye when approaching the water. 11 crew members in total walked the plank with Mike and his floating bar joining in on the adventure a little later than most.

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Mike said...

6pm crew was Diamond Dave, Beth, Nick and Mike. Water was colder than Monday evening, my spidey sense tells me it was about 66. 1 skin swim and 3 wet suits were donned. Water clarity was very poor and we had some waves coming in from the south. I made it south to the first staircase and back.