Friday, August 19, 2011

Ben Needs a Swim Name

Next Swims: Friday 8/19 6PM, Saturday 8/20 Noon
Sunday: Stay tuned, we're working on a couple of ideas for a special swim to take the place of the cancelled Pirates Plunge

Last Swim: Friday 5:45 AM
Water Temp: 67
Waves: Calm
Water Clarity: Good
Crew: James, Kelly, Kahuna, Ben, Chris, Steve, Cap'n, Diablo, Patriarch

Another gorgeous sunrise. We were inspired to do something different. Instead of our usual out and back along the shore we decided to do a "square". We swam straight out into the rising sun for quite a way (hard to say how far, it's difficult to judge distance out there). Then we paralleled the shore until we were straight out from garage, then straight in to garage, then back to the beach.

A fine swim followed by a fine breakfast at Solly's (the Door County Cherry pancakes are my recommendation). Over our eggs and bacon and taters and cakes we came to the conclusion that it's high time to christen Ben with a swim name. Since he failed to offer one himself, we offered a few of our own, based on his southern roots. So far "Bubba", "Jethro", and "Cracker" are the top contenders. We are open to other suggestions. Ben, you may want to put in your two cents.


Kahuna said...

Cousin Cleetus Clem Cornpone Bubba Ben Buford Beauregard, IV

("Hey Cuz" for short)

Ben Speed said...

I always thought the rule of nicknames is you never get to pick your own...Kahuna's ode to the Clampetts and Boss Hog is pretty good. Have to say that my last name (Speed) earned me some interesting pseudonyms on the playground. I also respond to "Hey, you."

Jeff said...

So, what's the deal with Sunday's Cap'ns Crazy Klode Killepitsch Crawl? Is this going to happen?