Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pirates Plunge Smack Talk

Next Swim: Thursday 8/11 6PM & Friday 8/12 5:45AM

Last Swim: Thursday 8/11 5:45AM
Water Temp: 70+
Waves: calm
Water Clarity: Cloudy near shore, clear offshore
Crew: The Patriarch, Sir James, Ben, Steve, Capt'n

"No wench goona beat me at the Pirates Plunge!" declared Sir James who was in rare smack talkin' form at this morning's swim. "...not Megan or that lass known as The Fine Wench". So there we have it, Sir James has officially announced that he be throwin' down the gauntlet at the Pirates Plunge on 8/21. the way, if The Fine Wench or Jill be readin' this blog entry Sir James would like you to know that the water temp this morning was 75.

Speaking of this morning's water, our streak of exceptional 70+ water conditions has now reached 7 days! Encountering a day or two of 70+ water for the entire summer has typically been the norm the past few summers....but a week straight is totally unreal! Despite the fall like air temps this morning the warm calm water made for exceptional swim conditions up to the orange kayak and back for most of the crew. The exception was Sir James who of course is preparing to put the wenches in their place at the Pirates Plunge. ...The Patriarch by the way is rumored to be taking bets for those looking to wager a little grog on the plunge. :)

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Megan said...

How did I get named the Wench?!?!? I'm not sure I really like that...

I moved to Chicago a couple weeks ago so I won't be able to defend my title at the Plunge. However, I will be in Madison and will obviously be here in Chicago for Big Shoulders for anyone who would like to challenge me. Although the summer of studying for the bar has left me in less than optimal shape so I'm not sure how much of a fight I can put up, but I'll do my best...