Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Patriarch MIA

Next Swims: Tuesday 8/22 6:00PM & Wednesday 8/23 5:45AM

Last Swim: Tuesday 8/22 5:45AM
Water Temp: 70ish
Waves: calm with occasional roller
Water Clarity: excellent
Crew: Diablo, Bubba Speed, Sir James, Kahuna, Steve, David, Chris, Capt'n with a special guest appearance by Steve's eye candy (Sorry, for some reason I can't remember your name)

Ok all you stats lovers....I've crunched a few numbers and determined that as it turns out our 100th swim of the season yesterday was one day earlier this year than last year. Our 100th swim in 2010 occurred on 8/23 whereas this year it occurred on 8/22. Coincidentally, this year's swim swim season started on 5/22....one day earlier than last year. Of course all this is purely coincidental as last year we didn't miss a single day until we had amassed a steak of 158 straight days of swimming. This year we've had to rely on a nice stretch of double dipper days to catch up. :)

This morning's swim...as they usually are....was unique. Unexpectedly, The Patriarch was MIA...and so was Barbi. Also missing was M-Power and the typical camps of women who enthusiastically greet us in the morning. To help ease the void left by these noteworthy absences Steve added a little spice to the crew this morning by bringing along some very spirited eye candy. I'm sure the crew was thinking this....but I'm probably the only person who won't get in trouble for saying this: "Thanks Steve...You da' man!!" :)


Chris said...

I've been trying to take a photo each morning I come to swim. Here is today's photo.

crash said...

Perhaps can't recall her name because you were preoccupied by other, um, "things"