Tuesday, August 23, 2011

...It's not anymore....

Next Swim: Wednesday 8/24 5:45AM

Last Swim: Tuesday 8/23 6PM
Water Temp: <64 (mostly colder)
Waves: rolling waves from the south
Water Clarity: cloudy
Crew: The Patriarch, Sir James, Beth, Tim, Dave, Capt'n

"It'll be what it is until it's not anymore....and then it'll be something else."
Those were The Patriarch's great words of wisdom that were spoken as we strolled down to the beach this evening. They were in reference to the great stretch of water temps we've been having. Much to our chagrin, the water temps this evening have taken an unexpected plunge.

The best reading The Patriarch could find along the Klode shore with his trusty lazer-o-meter was 64. So they we were.....the skies were cloudy, the water was cloudy and our mood quickly turned gloomy once our toes hit the water. Echoing in my head were Diablo's great words of wisdom: "What the crap?!?!"

Swimming southward into the rolling surf it was evident that the reading of 64 was more the exception than the norm. For the most part the water felt like it was 60ish at best with pockets of water in the upper 50's.

So if you're wondering, "how could this happen? Where's the warm water?" Here are two theories for you:

Theory #1: "Jess' Jinx" - As fate unfortunately would have it, The Fine Wench this afternoon forecasted exceptionally nice water this weekend. The Patriarch has frequently advised against this practice (...at least without an acceptable sacrifice...) lest the Lady of the Lake enact her icy wrath on you. Could it be that without an acceptable sacrifice that we're doomed to have icy cold water through the weekend?

Theory #2: "Thor's Hammer has upset the Lady of the Lake's tropical sand globe" Yes indeed, Thor's hammer as struck and resulted in a great quake along the eastern seaboard. Could it be that this act has shaken the Lady of the Lake's tropical sand globe?

Only time will tell. But all theories aside, the weather forecast looks great the next few days with plentiful sunshine and air temps pushing 90 tomorrow. Our consecutive day skin swim count currently sits at 23. Will it continue?

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