Saturday, August 20, 2011

Crazy Capn's Klode Crew Killepitsch Cruise & Crawl

Next Swim: Sunday 8/21 1:00PM
We're making up for the cancellation of the Pirates Plunge with our own event. Diamond Dave will meet us at Klode with his boat. We'll wade to his boat, climb aboard, go out a ways, walk the plank, and swim back. For safety we'll all stick together, or maybe break into two groups.

Last Swims: Friday 8/19 6PM, Saturday 1PM
Water Temp: 70 both days
Waves: Very choppy both days
Water Clarity: Very good away from shore
Friday evening crew: Kahuna, Secondsonnakuhuna, Diablo, Sarah, Ben, Cap'n, Patriarch
Saturday afternoon crew: Cap'n, Diablo, Kahuna, Patriarch, with visit from Jeff, his very pregnant wife Claudia and her friend Monique

It's a shame the Pirate's Plunge was cancelled, but Diamond Dave has come to the rescue by offering to host our own version of the plunge on his boat. The weather is predicted to be sunny and warm with low winds and should make for a great swim day.


James Biles said...

Arrggg, sounds like a plan!

MOW went well. 1st in my age group...and not a wench swam faster than predicted and per my pirate pledge....arrgggg!

Male Participants
1. Josh Kercheval 51:18
2. Charles Lorenz 51:49
3. Justin Chiles 52:37
4. James Biles 54:13
5. Greg Moyle 54:18
Female Participants
1. Megan Ryther 54:26
2. Shirley Loftus-Charley 1:00:54
3. Laurie Alioto 1:01:19
4. Annie Wysock 1:02:13
5. Megan Lassen 1:03:17

bswim said...

I really want to come and swim with y'all. What days will you be swimming this week?

Megan said...

James, consider those fighting words (and my motivation to actually make it to the pool a few times a week). We'll see what happens at Big Shoulders...