Monday, August 29, 2011

One forgotten....all remembered

Next Swims: Monday 6PM & Tuesday 5:45AM & 6PM

Last Swim: Monday 8/29 5:45AM
Water Temp: 66 with pockets of 70ish
Waves: rippled surface with an occasional 1ft roller
Clarity: clearer offshore
Crew: The Patriarch, Diablo, Gumdrop, Sir James, Bubba Speed, Ben, Scooby (Steve), Kelly, Tony, Lane, Marni, Capt'n plus one more swimmer

Despite a chilly air temp in the low 50's this morning we may have had a record sized AM crew on hand. 13 swimmers in total walked the plank....all of whose name I remember except for one. (Sorry...if anyone remembers the name of the crew member who's not listed above please comment.)

Water conditions this morning weren't nearly as playful has yesterday's but they were certainly a lot more like the glasslike conditions we've grown accustomed to in the past. Still we were treated to a spectacular sun rise over occasional swells of water as we made our swim journey northward past Garage. Occasional pockets of warm water tempted you to swim longer and helped to take your mind off of the air temp that was at least 10 degrees cooler. Water clarity was good although it's always challenging to judge just how clear the water is without the sun overhead. Still, there were a few pockets where you could catch a glimpse of the sandy lake bottom 8+ feet below and outside of a few instances you could always see your hands below you.

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Ben said...

The forgotten member is Joel. Good to see you in the water, Coach!