Monday, August 15, 2011

Skin & Pitsch Swim this evening

Next Swim: Monday 8/15, 6PM

Last Swim: Monday (8/15) 5:45AM
Water Temp: 67.9
Waves: gentle rollers <1ft
Water Clarity: stirred up
Crew: The Patriarch, Sir James, Ben, Capt'n

Only gently rolling 1 foot waves remained after yesterday's turbulent conditions. The surface water is starting to clear but the water clarity quickly turns dark a few feet below the surface. Even though you couldn't see the sandbars it was evident whenever you put your feet down that the sandbars have been reconfigured. It'll be interesting to see how big/small they've become once the water clarity returns.

Speaking of returning, the Patriarch and I plan to return this evening for a skin & Killepitsch or bust swim at 6PM. The skin swim counter currently sits at 43...just one shy of our wetsuit swim counter.


Jeff said...

I'm really bummed out that the Pirates Plunge race has been cancelled due to low advanced registration sad.

James Biles said...

Ahoy mate, I just received me cancellation notice for the plunge. Me thinks a this is a huge pirate blunder!

Gumdrop said...

Yea, the cancellation of the plunge is real a downer. It makes me think perhaps we should take a more active roll in recruiting or something.