Sunday, August 21, 2011

Diamond Dave's Dive at World's End

Next Swim: Monday 5:45AM & 6PM

Last Swim: Sunday 1PM
Water Temp: 70+
Waves: slight chop
Water Clarity: Very good
1st wave crew: The Patriarch, Diablo, Kahuna, Gumdrop, Jack Frost, Phil, Kelly, Tony, Nick, Bruce?
2nd wave crew: Sir James, The Fine Wench, Bubba Ben, Matt, Ben, Melodee, Kobinsky, Capt'n
3rd wave crew: Diamond Dave, Sir James, Ben, Melodee, Bubba Ben, Capt'n
With Special Guest Appearance from Jack Frost's very pregnant wife Claudia and her friend Monique

Avast ye crew mates....It certainly was an exceptional day to walk Diamond Dave's plank!! Klode's vibrant turquoise blue waters shown brilliantly under the bright sun filled skies. The winds were light and the air temp was hovering around 80. The waters inside of Klode's bay were slightly rippled and the water temp for the most part was comfortably in the low 70's. (...there may have been a few pockets of water in the upper 60's closer to shore but those were more than offset by a few pockets that felt closer to 80!)

A record sized crew was on hand for today's unique Klode crew adventure. 19 in total. On tap for today's crew....a one way boat ticket aboard Diamond Dave's Klode Klipper to the end of the world! (...or as some may know it...the outer edge of the Klode bay.)

As the Klode Klipper could only accommodate 10 we drew straws to determine who would be the first to walk the plank at the outer limits of the Klode bay. 10 brave souls then made a short swim to board the Klipper before being whisked away and shown the plank approximately 1 mile straight east of the Klode shore. After a brief escort of the 1st wave crew the Klode Klipper then returned to collect the 2nd wave of rambunctious crew mates.

To ensure that Diamond Dave too was allowed to walk the plank at World's End a 3rd tour set out with Kelly assuming the reigns of the Klode Klipper.

I'm happy to report that all crew mates successfully landed safely on the Klode shore....with a few sharing harrowing tales such as outwitting The Kracken, wrestling bull sharks and even being allegedly tempted by mermaids. Accomplishments and exceptional adventures made only possible through the generosity of Diamond Dave! To celebrate today's momentous adventure 23 shots of Pitsch were thrown down....a record!....all in honor Diamond Dave and the Klode Klipper!


Jeff said...

This was hands down the most fun swim we've had this year. Thanks to Diamond Dave for bringing his boat out for a great afternoon.

David Diamond said...

Thanks, I had a great time as well.
Diamond dave