Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The fog settled in

Next swim: Tuesday, 6pm

Last swim: Tuesday, 6am
Water temp: 68
Water quality: very clear in close, not as clear further out. You could occasionally see the bottom.
Waves: no waves, just ripples from the wind
Kru: Showgirl, Mr Anonymous, Forger, Pool Noodle, Magic Mike, Ala

The sun is just rising at six o'clock, so that makes things nice. But I saw on tv news recently that this is the last day we'll have a sunrise at or before 6am until sometime in April, 2020--a humbling reminder of the shortness of the days ahead.

But the water is still warm, the Kru is still numerous, and the fog didn't keep us from getting our swim in. Although it did keep some of us swimming a lot closer to shore than we normally do. It can be an eerie feeling to lose your direction in the water.  On the trip back, I found myself swimming almost directly out into the fog (perpendicular to the shore). I knew something was wrong when I couldn't see the shore to my left or to my right. It was only when I looked behind me that the vague outline of the shore revealed itself. Good thing I looked when I did.

Ugly little wormy things are still plentiful on the beach.


jamie said...

so.......we step on them in the thousands, kidnap them in our bags and cars(never to see their families again), interrupt them in the throes of passion(worm blocking), and now verbally abuse them behind their backs and THEY'RE the ugly ones?!?

Magic Mike said...

I don't think they have backs, in the traditional sense of the term. Neither do I think it bothers them much if we think they're ugly. I did witness the throes of passion this morning, though! Also, I laughed out loud at "(worm blocking)"!

Dragonfly Riffraff said...

Squirmy wormy things
Eternally beautiful
To themselves and God.

Glad you made it back safely Mike!

Unknown said...

Where exactly do you swim? I'm coming in for a wedding and would like to know what beach to swim from

Mr. Bubble said...

Those ugly little wormy things have been much, much more numerous on my morning swims than the evening swims. They seem to be getting more numerous in the evening, but nowhere close to what I've seen in the mornings.

I got to wondering - could those things by fly larvae? Hadn't seen many flies for a while.

Kahuna said...

To the Unknown Swimmer: Come swim with us! We generally swim from Klode Beach, in Whitefish Bay. Meet at the flag pole at the East end of the parking lot on the bluff at the scheduled hour (as indicated in the blog re "next swim"), then walk down together. We look forward to seeing you.