Saturday, August 31, 2019

Laboring off the plank

Next Swims:
   Sunday September 1st @ Noon
   Monday (Labor Day) @ Noon

Last Swim:
   Saturday August 31st @ Noon
      Water Temp: 58 (Itch-o-meter), 58 (Ducky-Dawg), 55.8 (Macho-meter)
      Waves:  1-2ft chop from south
      Clarity: murky near shore / Caribbean blue  50 yards offshore
      Kru: The Patriarch, Diablo, Kahuna, Moondawg, Itch, Linda the Lampre, Forger, Panini, Dragonfly, Mr. Anonymous, Mr. Bubbles, Wet Taco, Not-The-Patriarch (Other Greg), Not-Mr-Bubbles (other Mitch), Liz, Steve, Phil, Capt'n

The Klode Kru Kiddie-pool (a.k.a. the shallow but swimmable area on the beach side of the rock piles) today was thick with silt, choppy and cold.  The onslaught of waves crashing into the rock piles probably didn't help those struggling with the "do or do not...but at least this isn't a tri" conundrum. Not the most enticing plank to walk for the Kru mates. 

Just offshore though the Caribbean blue waters under a warm sunshine filled sky teased us with the promise of the warm waters we enjoyed not long ago.  Helping matters was a buoy report of water temps in the low 60s.  Certainly, the warm water must be out there...some place...right???  So undeterred by a daunting plank walk the entire Kru took the plunge today.  While some debated whether the Caribbean blue water offshore was any warmer than the Klode Kiddie Pool all agreed that today's swim was worth the voyage.  The east winds bode well for the return of the warm water...surely tomorrow's swim will be even more delightful than today's!


Forger said...

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Thank you
Tom Flanagan (Forger)

Eric B said...

Anyone have an extra mens medium wetsuit they're comfortable lending today? Sub 60F is where i draw the line!