Sunday, August 18, 2019

Like a resort

Next swim: Sunday, noon

Last swim: Saturday, noon
Water temp: 69
Waves: small, less than a foot
Water quality: I'd put it at about a 7 out of ten
Kru: Mr Anonymous, Laguna, Handyman Hank, Dragonfly Riffraff, Patriarch, Capt'n, Moondaug, Stickler, Sir James, Pool Noodle, Forger, Neo, Diablo, Linda the Lamprey, Magic Mike, Greg, Mary, Ala, Eric, Cammy,

The noon sun shone on the Kru (which was doubtless larger than the list I've included, so include any names I missed in the comments). The water sparkled in the sunlight. Families were at rest and play along the beach. Old friends and newcomers mingled both before and after an idyllic swim south out of the cove. Kayaks accompanied swimmers. The general feel was that of a resort at some popular vacation spot. Only we weren’t shelling out hundreds of dollars a day, and risking tainted tequila. Instead, the convivial shot of ‘Pitsch was sure to be pure—thanks Capt’n, the beach was public, and the swim was free. Definitely a contender for best swim of the season!

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