Thursday, August 29, 2019

Inverted Reality

Last Swim:  Thursday August 29th, @ 6am
Next Swims:  Thursday August 29 @ 6pm, Friday 8/30 @ 6am & 5:30pm

6am Conditions:
   Water Temp:  64 (Buoy) / 46.6 (macho-meter)
   Waves:  glass
   Clarity:  Crystal Clear
   Kru:  Ziggy, Snap, Joshing Around, Mr. Anonymous, Ala Mode, Capt'n

Despite recent blog reports that the Klode water temp had plummeted, the following indicators this morning pointed to an exceptional morning for a swim:

  • Buoy reporting a water temp of 64  (pictured below)
  • a brilliant sunrise over a glass like lake surface (pictured below)
  • a hearty morning Kru eager to walk the plank to paradise (pictured below)
  • a pod of nearly naked mermaids greeting us atop of the north rock pile  (not pictured)
Sadly our perceptions of a paradise swim this morning were shocking dispelled upon our first attempt to walk the plank.  Instead of water temps nearing 64 the macho-meter this morning struggled to stay above 46.  

Believe in the buoy!  The warm water is definitely close by and will surely arrive soon, right?

Side a mermaid sighting early in the morning a good thing or a sign of impending doom?


Kahuna said...

Nice pics from this morning, sad news about the Buoy deciding to return to its evil ways of lying to us, to try to lure us to our doom. I fear that very soon we shall be able to do a live action remake of the classic 1939 short "The Ice Pond": (If Disney can make ocean liner's of cash making bad remakes of old cartoons, why can't the Kru?) (And if you are making nominations as to which Kru members should be cast in which roles in our remake, be nice).

Fyi, if we ever decide to add team jerseys to go along with our team caps:

The t-shirt design is just ugly enough to represent the first taste of Killepitsch.

And "Buy any three and get 20% off"!

Kahuna said...

I've been slow on doing this, but if you attended the Kru Three Lion's event, and you have not yet given, but want to give some money to me to help me defray the total cost of that event, you can send money to me through PayPal to this address: The proportionate share for each attendee I calculated is $24, but that's not a mandatory amount -- I know some arrived late and left early, so if you don't think you got $24 worth of pizza, salad, beer and education that evening, feel free to send me what you deem appropriate. Free will offering. Thanks!

Patriarch said...

Mermaid in the morning, pirate take warning!
Mermaid at night, pirate’s delight!

Kahuna said...

:) !

Chris M said...

Swimming Saturday late afternoon? Sunday? Monday?