Friday, August 16, 2019

Heavenly Body

Next swim: Friday 5:30pm

Last swim: Friday 6am
Water temp: nice, warm, not shocking in any way, probably 70
Water quality: can't-see-your-hand murky
Waves: none, flat
Kru: Drangonfly Riffraff, Mr Bubble, Magic Mike, Forger, Scuba, with Diablo on the early shift (as he was yesterday, as he often is), and another swimmer who went out before we got there, swam north and came in after we went out. Linda?

As this heavenly body was coming out of the water, our decidedly human bodies were going in. We swam south (except the mystery swimmer, and perhaps Diablo). Some swam to Love Rock, some swam shorter, some longer. After a few days of high energy water, it was nice to be in a calm swimming environment. I swam out looking for clear water and didn't find any. Perhaps I should have been more persistent. But at 350-400 yards out, the water was just as murky as at the rock piles. So I angled back toward shore and joined the rest of the Kru.

At the beach, the clouds had begun to move in and the swimmers, with one good thing done for the day, slowly moved out.


Dragonfly Riffraff said...

The full moon was setting as I neared the beach, so perhaps it can count as a full moon swim...Also, continuous milipedes - they formed a sort of moving carpet atop the iron wall and also invaded my towel....still could not keep me away however as I woke up early to the siren lure of the beach.

Lorraine said...

Is Sat swim still at noon? Kahuna mentioned Th eve that he wanted to swim earlier on Sat.

Linda the Lamprey said...

Yes, that was me. The Lamprey slime on my backpack probably gave it away. Gotta find some way to hide that. Dead giveaway.