Monday, August 22, 2016

What's wrong with this picture???

Next Swims: 
   Tuesday - Friday (8/23-8/26) @ 6am
   (M-F 6PM, though check back in the comments)

Last Swim:  Monday August 22nd, 6am
   Water Temp:  Decent!  (64+)
   Waves:  Calm
   Clarity: Crystal Clear
   Crew:  Diablo(?), Capt'n

This Picture was taken a few minutes after 6am this morning.  One car in the parking lot and no bikes....what the what???  ...did I miss a memo?  :( 

...did I just dream that I swam this morning?  Was Diablo really there?  ...or did I just imagine that he swam along side of me, stroke for stroke, all the way to Deadwood and back?


Dragonfly Riffraff said...

Any 6 p.m. swim tonight?

Lorraine said...

I'll be there at 6pm tonight but I don't swim alone so will others be there?

Bryan Cerro said...

I'm game for tonight also!

Mike Halloran said...

OK if I join the group tomorrow? Been swimming outa Atwater in Shorewood the last few weeks, but have no company for tomorrow and am eager to continue. I can only count on my wife to come and watch me so many times. The novelty has clearly worn off for her.

Gumdrop said...

Next Swims:
Tuesday - Friday (8/23-8/26) @ 6am
(M-F 6PM, though check back in the comments)

Last Swim: Monday August 22nd, 6pm
Water Temp: Decent! (64+)
Waves: 1-2 ft.
Clarity: Clear
Crew: 2-ply, Bryan?, Mr. Anonymous, Liz, Itch, We taco, Gumdrop, Lorraine.
Killapitch; 5

Around First Staircase a school of us conversed and splashed around a little as Lorraine noticed the waves "getting bigger" ("that's what she said"). On the way back everyone seemed to be extra invigorated and enjoying the bigger waves. Interestingly I have noticed that some who are originally made slightly dizzy by the waves at first, sometimes get acclimated to them and eventually really enjoy them.

Upon return to beach side, it was discussed that somehow swallowing water while swimming helps reduce water retention, with most agreeing they swallowed, at least a little. Not sure about the science of this, but it sounds like another great benefit to the healthy sport of swimming