Friday, August 19, 2016

We Don't Want to Offend

Next Swims:
Friday 6pm (I may not be there but I assume others will)

Weekend Swims:
Saturday: 1PM. 
Sunday: 6am & Noon
(6am swim followed by a 100mi ride)

Last Swims:
Thursday 7:30PM Full Moon Swim
Water Temp: 70-ish, warm and delightful
Waves: choppy out of the south
Water Clarity:  a mix of clear and not-so-clear
Crew: Crash, Panini, Hank&Nancy, Dave&NotDave'sWife,We'taco, Cap'n, Gumdrop, Nanook, Elinore, Showgirl, Connor (?)
Shore Support: Squeeze o'Showgirl, We'Taco's parents(?)

The crew was small at the start of the swim, but nearly doubled at the end. Some swam to picnic table, others to downspout, and others even further.

The cloudy sky made some skeptical that we would see the moon at all, but the full moon showed up on time (unlike half of the crew) and did not disappoint. Initially covered a bit by clouds, after a while it was huge, bright, and beautiful, with an amazing reflection on the water.

Besides the moon, my favorite moment was when Panini declared she "doesn't want to offend."

And while the moon was dramatic, the drama didn't end there.  When we arrived back at the parking lot, Hank and Nancy discovered that they had misplaced the keys to their tandem.  A search party was dispached, to no avail, and Hank was later seen liberating their bicycle in the dark of night:


Anonymous said...

And the lesson learned, don't leave both keys to the lock on the same chain ring. Maybe another is that stealing a bike locked with a cable is relatively easy.

rsm said...

I liked the comment that described Itch. "He's a pineapple. All prickly on the outside, but sweet on the inside"

Dragonfly Riffraff said...

If the Patriarch is away this weekend...will there be any Killepitsch?