Thursday, August 4, 2016

Last Call for Swim Caps

Next Swims:  Today Thursday Aug 4th 6PM, followed by eating somewhere at a place to be determined (Cloud Red maybe, or Harry's or North Star?)
Friday Aug 5th 6AM

Last Swims:  Thu Aug 4 6AM
Water Temp: 69
Waves: Calm
Water Clarity: Excellent
Crew: Crash, Jamie, Forger, Kahuna, Scooby, Nivens McTwist, Panini, Itch, Dave, Rosa, Diablo, Patriarch
Suit/Skin: 3/9

Wed Aug 3rd 6PM
Water Temp: 73
Waves: A little choppy
Water Clarity: Excellent
Crew: Panini, North Shore Nancy and Handyman Hank, Itch, Lorraine, Patriarch
Suit/Skin: 0/6
Shots: 9

Message from Panini:
I will be ordering swim caps on Friday Aug 5, which will arrive by the end of summer. 

The cost per cap is expected to be $11 and a minimum order of two caps per name is required by most vendors. I am going to try to talk to them to see if they will print just one. If not, the total price per order will be $30, with $22 for your order of swim cap and the rest toward pitsch fund. 

A silicone cap with a stylized logo and the lettering "KLODE KRU '16" (so y'all can remember it was election year ;) with each person's Klode name will be ordered.

Most men were OK with the color pink except for the Capt'n (and Gumdrop) who vehemently refused the idea and stated that he would not wear it because that's what little girls dress up in. So we are going with some kind of blue (likely a light blue).

So far, here is the list of people who have already ordered. If your name is not here and you want a cap, email me here. Don't miss out on this opportunity to show off being part of the Kru. Hurry, order before tomorrow!!

List of people who have ordered
Real NameKlode NameNo. of Caps orderedColor PreferencePaid?
Emailed me/ verbally requested
JeffJack Frost1NoneNo
Kelly LScarface1PinkNo
MarkHandyman Hank1NoneNo
ReneeNorthshore Nancy1NoneNo
EllenTiny Motha1NoneNo
CherylNot Dave's Wife1NoneNo
EliasZoom Zoom2NoneNo
Grandfathered in
TedCaptain1NOT PinkNo
LaneNivens Mctwist1NoneNo


Gumdrop said...

I think a swim cap for open water swimming should be a safety color, such as red, yellow, or orange or some combination of the above, and maybe a safety colored pink, if that's your preference. A lite blue on the other hand, is kind of like saying please run me over with your motor boat sir.

Kahuna said...

A lot of us swim wearing the green Kru caps, or black or silver caps, which depending on the water conditions or lighting, could be less visible than a light blue cap. I favor the light blue over the pink, but I'm fine either way. None of us really should be depending on a swim cap to avoid getting smacked by a boat or jet ski. If you want to avoid getting hit, you can improve your odds by swimming close in, or buy a Barbie.

queenofcurryland said...
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