Friday, August 5, 2016

Cooling Off. Warming Back Up?

Weekend Plans:  Sunday Aug 7th noon

Note: I did not post a time for Saturday because I will be at the Great Lake Plunge and everyone I talked to had some other event going.

Last Swims:  Fri Aug 5th 6AM
Water Temp: 64, but warm and cold pockets
Waves: Calm
Water Clarity: Excellent
Crew:  Not Dave's Wife, Karen, Diablo, Crash, Capt'n, Kahuna, Forger, Nanook, Showgirl, Itch, Vince, Patriarch
Suit/Skin: 6/6

Thu Aug 4th 6PM
Water Temp: 70
Waves: Choppy
Water Clarity:  Excellent
Crew: Adam, Lindsey, Erin, Gumdrop, Little Motha, Itch, Patriarch
Suit/Skin: 4/3

After several days of very warm water in the 70's temps have dropped back down into the lower 60's.  I think the main reason was a west wind.  It should turn back east tomorrow so hopefully that will bring the warmer water back.  

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rsm said...

Hank and I will swim on Saturday morning (right now I am thinking 11am). Also, on Sunday Aug 7th from 6:30 to 9 at the north end of Bradford Beach (north of the volleyball area) Overpass Light Brigade has its third annual “We Are Water” event, ceremony, vigil, celebration. Family friendly. The holders of OLB letters do not get going until darkness falls, but I am sure it will be water themed words over Lincoln Memorial Drive and at the edge of Lake Michigan. here is the OLB's video of 'We are Water' And, here's a short on the OLB