Sunday, August 28, 2016

Swimming and Biergartens

Next Swim:  Monday Aug 29th 6AM
Monday August 29th 6PM
Tuesday August 30th 6AM

Last Swims:  Sun Aug 28th 11AM
Water:  60, Calm and Clear
Crew: Drangonfly, Crash, Handyman Hank, Diablo, Capt'n, Liz, Itch, Nivens McTwist, Kahuna, Forger, Lorraine, 2-Ply, Wet Taco, Patriarch, El Jefe, Hot Stuff, Bruce, Tom, Jake, Scott & wife, Dusty, Sarah, Chris, and a couple of triathletes whose name I didn't get.

Sat Aug 27th noon
Water: 53 and murky with 2-3 foot waves
Crew: Itch, 2-Ply, Kahuna, Diablo, Handyman Hank, Panini, Patriarch

Fri Aug 26th 6PM
Water: 55 calm and clear
Crew: Lorraine, Kahuna, Mitch, Capt'n, Patriarch

Ah those lazy hazy crazy days of summer.  Days of swimming and pretzels and biergartens.  A near perfect day on the beach with a crew of over 25.  The water was warm enough (barely) for me to keep my wetsuit in my backpack.  The cold water of the last week was just the lake's gentle reminder that the season is short and we need to swim while we can.



Lorraine said...

Hi Greg. I think you may need to update the link on the blog for the atwater buoy. It's available here:
and showing 68 degrees!

Lorraine said...

Can anyone share what the water temp was this morning? Wondering what gear to bring this eve.

Showgirl said...

59. Though it felt a bit warmer away from the beach.

Lorraine said...


Unknown said...

I swam at Atwater at ~11:30am; my water temperature probe read between 65.8 and 66.8, ideal swimming temperature for me. --thelma

Forger said...

What's with the golf club at the bottom of the ocean?