Saturday, August 20, 2016

Swimming Rain or Shine.... Rain AND Shine

Next Swims: Sunday August 21st - 6AM & Noon
(6am swim followed by a 100mi ride)

Mon-Fri 6am and, if the weather holds, 6pm.

Last Swim: Saturday 1PM
Water: 70-ish, with chop out of the south
Clarity: cloudy but clearer in some areas
Crew: Nanook, Cap'n, Gumdrop, Diablo, Firefly, We'taco, Crash, Handyman Hank, Showgirl
Bonus Guests: Squeeze o'showgirl, Mary & Greg from Oak Park IL

Under cloudy skies we swam south into the chop.

Several of us slogged our way south to the staircase.  As we headed back, I noticed even more than my usual self-inflicted splashing... it was raining.  We've swam in rain before, but this was a LOT of rain.  As the dark clouds loomed over the shore, we all agreed later that we were keeping an eye out for lightening streaks.

After we made it back to shore, it felt good to stand in the water under the warm rain. And then we took shelter under the roof and thanks to Itch, via Panini, we all had a lovely shot of Pitsch.


Lorraine said...

Just got back from the other side of Lake Michigan (where I swam off the 2.5 mile long shoreline in the Saugatuck Dunes State Park). Can't swim today but want to swim Monday eve if there are any other takers (and the water temp is above 60). I can do 5:30 or 6p.

Dragonfly Riffraff said...

Dragonfly (not Firefly) :)