Friday, August 5, 2016

Wamer Water Tomorrow, Guaranteed

Next Swims

Saturday 08/06  1:00 PM Crash and I are swimming, and you should too!

Sunday 08/07 Noon


Dragonfly Riffraff said...

I will be there on Saturday!

Rhino said...

Hello Lake Michigan Swimmers, I'm visiting from MN for a wedding. Any chance I could join tomorrow (Sunday) at noon? I did not bring a wetsuit, but am presuming your forecast for warmer water is accurate. And for what length and period of time will you be swimming? JR aka Rhino

Kahuna said...

Rhino -- Welcome to Milwaukee! We hope you will come swim with us on Sunday. The Lake is unpredictable, but water on the warmer end of the scale (above 60 degrees) is my prediction for tomorrow. If you scroll down on the blog, and look at the right side, there are several links there that provide info re lake temperature, including the Atwater buoy temp graph, which tends to be the most accurate. It currently indicates a temp of 73 degrees (which is unusually warm of us). There is no organization to our group. It's a public beach, no dues, no paper work to sign, no club house. The primary purpose of the blog (apart from entertainment) is to indicate when members of the group intend to swim (as most of us try to avoid swimming alone). We gather at the East end of the klode Park parking lot at noon tomorrow, then shortly thereafter walk down to the beach. As to how far or long people swim, distances vary, depending on the temp, the conditions, and the swimmer. We generally swim at least a half mile, but if the conditions are good, some will swim two miles. Assuming you know how to swim, all levels of ability welcome. Cheers.

Lorraine said...

I can't make it today but I'd like to swim Monday later afternoon/eve, anytime that works for others.