Sunday, August 21, 2016

Lake Michigan: No salt, no sharks, no worries

Next Swims:
M-F 6PM, though check back in the comments

Last Swim:
Sunday 12 noon.
Water: low 50's near shore, warmer away from shore, flat, clear, lovely
Crew: Itch, Kahuna, Crash, Panini, Showgirl We'taco, Diablo, Dragonfly, Mitch
Skin/Suit: 5/3

Well, well, well.  Well.  You may have noticed how the weather became cool today?  The water became cool also.  It was beautiful. It was flat. It was clear. It was cold.

It was a dramatic drop from the 70-something we swam in yesterday.

I think most of us arrived at the beach feeling disgruntled and disappointed about the water temp. We reluctantly put on caps, goggles, and a few wetsuits. But then, as so often happens, a swim that began with reluctance, became something great.  Though the water around the rock piles was frigid, the further-out water was... warmer than frigid.  And so, most swam to birches, and a few swam further, and all agreed that it was wonderful.

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Dragonfly Riffraff said...

Indeed! And one shot of rum chatka poured....and consumed!