Tuesday, August 16, 2016

What's With Showgirl? Keep Reading to Reveal the Shocking Secret.

Next Swims: Tue Aug 16th 6PM
Wed - Fri, Aug 17th-19th 6AM

Last Swims:  Monday Aug 16th 6PM
Water: 73 clear and calm
Crew: Rob, Brian, Panini, Showgirl, Wet Taco, Nanook, Patriarch

Tue Aug 16 6AM
Water: 72 two foot waves, stirred up silt and sand
Crew:  Forger, Nivens McTwist, Mr. Anonymous, Patriarch and maybe Diablo.  I didn't actually see Diablo but I was told he was seen slinking around the parking lot.

Good news:  the plague of black flies that descended on us yesterday morning is almost completely gone.  Hopefully they won't be back.

Better News:  the fantastic swimming continues.  This may be the best streak to great swim days that I can recall.

I will be in San Francisco from Wednesday through Monday, so Showgirl will be doing the blogging.  What is with her anyway?  Last night she uncharacteristically refused a post-swim shot of Killepitsch! My best guess (and fervent hope) is that she's pregnant!  Wouldn't that be wonderful?  Baby Vander-Klode-Show-Vort should arrive just in time for the 2017 swim season so I'm thinking of a toddler swim suit as a baby shower gift.      


Gumdrop said...
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Gumdrop said...

Full moon on thur, and if these conditions hold, it should be out of this world!

Wytosk said...

I swam this morning, only along the beach because wet tacos only like to be in groups. The water was at least 75 and clear as a bell. Are bells even clear?

Waterbug08 said...

Anyone swimming tonight?

Wytosk said...

I plan to!

Waterbug08 said...

clear refers to sound i think
but hell, this is America, there's a clear bell somewhere

Time? Im free any

rsm said...

I am swimming this evening--6pm. buoy says 75!

Gumdrop said...

I'll swim at 7:20, just in time for the moon rise at 99%.