Friday, August 26, 2016

Change of Fortune

Next Swims:
   Saturday August 27th - Noon
   Sunday August 28th - 11am (Estabrook Beer Garden 1pm)

Last Swims:
   Thursday August 25th - 6pm
      Water Temp: 56
      Clarity: Clear
      Crew: Itch

   Friday August 26th - 6am
      Water Temp: Baltic  (47)
      Clarity: Clear
      Waves: Calm
      Crew: Diablo, Gumdrop, Itch, Panini, The Patriarch, Capt'n

Unlike my arrivals on Monday and Wednesday morning's to an empty parking lot devoid of cars, bikes....or any sign of life for that matter....this morning I was greeted by a parking lot full of cars, bikes and scantily clad women enthusiastically jumping up and down.  (Clearly there were celebrating my arrival, no?)

Unfortunately this was the extent of my change of fortune.  Once again the water temperature failed to reach the plus side of 50 for our 6am swim.  I am told by Itch though that the water temp was 56 last night.  The buoys indicate warmer water just offshore so perhaps today's easterly winds will change our trend of cooler water temps?

Following Sunday's 11am swim all are welcome to join us and TriWisconsin at the Estabrook Beer Garden.


Kahuna said...

Wind is now out of the East. Woo-Hoo! Anyone up for a swim at 6:00 tonight?

Lorraine said...

I might be game but only if the water temp reaches 60. I'll keep an eye on Atwater Buoy - it's inching in that direction.

Patriarch said...

I'll give it a shot.

jamie said...

if you do swim, wear long sleeves and pants and a beekeeping suit and some crucifixes and bring some priests with holy water and wear garlic around your neck and some napalm, but I'm sure the flies will still find a warned.

Mitch Carter said...

I'll be there 5:30 ish.


Lorraine said...

I'll be there at 6pm.

Lorraine said...

What was the water temp at noon today? Any closer to Atwater buoy than on 6p Fri?

Kahuna said...

53 at shore at noon. Good sized rollers. Not clear. Colder by the rocks. Warmer North and way out. The atwater buoy stopped reporting temps as of 7:00 pm on Friday. Wind was the right direction today. Maybe better tomorrow.

Lorraine said...

Thanks Kahuna. Maybe NDBC changed the link because you can see the plots of atwater buoy here:
and the table of values is here (scroll down to ocean conditions):

Steve said...

Thanks, Lorraine!

And what a beautiful swim today :)