Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cap'n is the Crazy One, We're Perfectly Sane

Next swims: Today (Wed) 4:30 PM Klode, Tomorrow (Thu) morning 6:30AM Klode
Tomorrow afternoon: 4PM Waikiki, Yes, gentle reader, that would be Honolulu, Hawaii, where Gelaney and I fly tomorrow to begin our tour of four of the Hawaiian islands. Our schedule is packed, but hopefully I'll get a chance to fire off a post or two.

This morning's swim:
Water temp 61 (but the air was 38!, I think that's a record for low air temp on a swim day)
Waves: 3-4 feet, which normally would seem big, but felt tame after yesterday
Water Clarity: cloudy near shore, but very clear 50 meters out (oddly, there is a very clear boundary between the clear and cloudy water, and the clear water is several degrees warmer)
Crew: Gabriel, Cap'n, Patriarch

Tomorrow afternoon on Waikiki, I expect to be warmly greeted by a toasty sand beach decorated with scantily clad mermaids. This morning at Klode, by contrast, we were greeted by several very bundled up ladies, some of whom give us that "you're crazy" look, and a few come right out and say it. Then Gabriel and I point at the Cap'n and cheerfully reply, "No, he's the crazy one, we're perfectly sane, we just hang around to try to keep him from doing something really nuts!".

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