Friday, September 4, 2009

Howl at the Moon Tonight 6:45

Beach: Klode
Water Temp:  68 Thursday evening, 64 Friday morning
Waves:  Choppy Thursday evening, Calm Friday morning
Water Clarity:  Stirred up sand and murky Thursday evening, Clear Friday morning
Crew: Thursday: Robin, Cap'n, Patriarch, Friday: Gabriel, Cap'n, Patriarch

Next Swims:  Conditions are excellent, and sun and offshore winds are predicted all weekend, so it can only get better.  This will probably be the best swimming of the season, so we're going to take full advantage of it:

Full Moon Swim tonight at Klode 6:45 PM.  The full moon rises over the lake at 7:07, preceded by Jupiter at 6:23, although Jupiter will be difficult to see until it gets dark.  Since it will be sunny all day, I expect water temp in the high sixties (but you never know until you get there).  Perhaps we can go for pizza afterwards? 

Saturday:  11AM Klode, Cap'n's Birthday Swim.  Conditions permitting we will do a one way or (optionally) round trip to Big Bay (aprox. 1.1 miles one way).  If necessary we'll arrange car pools before we leave.  Or possibly we'll do a "spash and dash" (i.e. run or jog back).

Sunday and Labor Day:  long swims, not sure yet exactly when, stay tuned. 

Lots to report:  Last night the water was warm enough that we swam without our wetsuits, and we could have stayed in forever, but the chop made for hard work, so we did the mile or so to "sewer pipe" and back.

This morning Gabriel demonstrated his mettle.  The zipper on his wetsuit broke, so he swam without one.  Since the water temp was only 64, Cap'n and me figured he wouldn't make it far, but he ate up the whole mile and a quarter to rockpile and back.  As he learned, it's not so bad in the water, the real suffering starts when you get out.  He was shivering hard.  But no complaints or whining from Gabriel, he ran a lap around the mulch track at Klode, then hopped on his bike to ride home.

Note:  Cap'n and me have learned the hard way, when the water temperature is in the mid-sixties, it's possible to swim quite a way without a wetsuit.  BUT, you need to be very careful not to let your core chill or you will suffer a lot when you get out.  Knowing this, it's best to get out well before you feel really chilled.

This weekend looks stupendous.  I hesitate to predict anything, but I expect water temps in the high sixties at least, maybe(?)..... hopefully(?)....... possibly(?)...... 70!!.  

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