Monday, September 28, 2009

Who Needs Coffee?

Beach: Klode
Water temp: 64
Waves: calm
Water Clarity: Excellent
Crew: Gabriel, Cap'n, Patriarch
Next swims: 4:30PM today, 6:30 AM Tuesday

It's cold, windy, rainy, and dreary. I oversleep. No time to take care of my coffee addiction, just throw on my suit, a shirt and go. When I arrive at the beach ten minutes late, Cap'n helpfully points out that I'm wearing my shirt inside out. The water temp is borderline wetsuit, but we are more worried about how cold it will be when we get out, so we wear wetsuits. Even so the initial plunge wakes me up faster than any shot of caffeine. Once in, its great, I almost overheat in the wetsuit. We swim for a mile or so and then head straight up the bluff to our cars, still wearing our wetsuits. I peel off the wetsuit, jump in the car, and crank the heater. Wide awake and feeling great.

1 comment:

JJ4 said...

Are you interested in a Thursday afternoon - OCTOBER 1 swim (5ish)?

I know the Patriarch is headed off to dance the hula. I'm hoping the lake holds out for at least 1 Oct. swim.

I also need to get some Endurox if you're still handling that.

Could you email me?

Many thanks,

PS - Anyone else also interested in Thursday afternoon?