Friday, September 25, 2009

End of Season Swim & Cookout, Saturday Noon Klode

Next swims: Today 4:30PM Klode
Tomorrow: we will celebrate a fun and adventurous swim season with a swim at Klode followed by a cookout at my place - 4433 N Woodburn in Shorewood. All are welcome: Anyone who's swum with us or would like to swim with us, or is related to someone who swum with us, or is less than six degrees of separation with someone who swum with us, or anyone who thinks we should be committed. Barack and Michelle, you are welcome too. No need to bring anything.

This morning's swim:
Water temp: 69
Waves: Unexpectedly, we encountered 3 ft waves, which seemed to be building, it could be lots of fun this afternoon.
Water Clarity: stirred up and cloudy again, I recommend swimming from the north end of the beach which is much cleaner and clearer than the areas between the rocks.
Crew: Gabriel, Cap'n, Patriarch

Last night's swim:
Water temp 72
Waves: a little chop
Water Clarity: excellent
Crew: James, Cap'n, Patriarch

Near perfect conditions continue. Although they may not last long, there is one more day of east winds predicted, then strong westerlies for the next few days, which will probably cool the water considerably.

Last night as Cap'n and I walked down the path to the beach we saw James, who had just begun swimming to the north. We swam the same way, thinking we might catch him on his way back. Off the cedar grove we stopped to look for him, and saw him about 100 yards away, swimming directly at us. We assumed he had seen us and was swimming to meet us, but apparently not, because he swam within a foot or so and then jumped in surprise like he had seen a shark. Sorry to have fun at your expense James, but it was quite amusing. You'll get back at us I'm sure.

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