Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Steadily Improving

Last night's swim.
Water temp:70
Waves: moderate chop from the south
Water Clarity: gunk had returned from shore to about 25ft from shore
Crew: The Patriarch, Robin, Capt'n

This morning's swim:
Water temp: 68
Waves: calm
Water Clarity: Still somewhat cloudy but the gunky brown water near shore is gone.
Crew: The Patriarch, Gabriel, Capt'n

Next Swims: Klode 4:30pm Wednesday, Klode 6:30am Thursday

Conditions continued to improve this morning. Klode's north beach was completely clear of all gunk and seaweeds. The southeast had a thin layer of gunk floating from the shoreline to about 4-5ft from shore. The other 2 beaches are still completely covered with gunk.

The lake surface was a sheet of glass this morning. A pleasant reprieve from the choppy conditions that have challenged us the last few days. Swimming up to the rock wall and back felt nearly effortless.

The water clarity has improved considerably from a few days ago. With the lack of sunshine today it was difficult to judge the water clarity but there were times when I was swimming 75-100 meters from shore that I thought I could faintly see the sandy lake bottom 10-12 feet below me.

On a side note....this is now the 24th consecutive day where the lake temps for us have supported swimming without a wetsuit. (i.e. the water temp has been at least 65 or warmer) Amazing considering what we encountered in August. :)

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