Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What a Rush!

This morning's swim:
Water temp - 60
Waves: 4-6ft
Water clarity: sand filled near shore, clear 150 meters offshore
Crew: The Patriarch, Gabriel, Capt'n

This evening's swim:
Water temp - 62
Waves: 6-8ft!!
Water clarity: sand filled near shore, clear 200 meters offshore
Crew: The Patriarch, Capt'n

Wow...what an absolute rush...and a very pleasant surprise today. Despite the big west winds of yesterday and a continued westerly wind today, The Patriarch and I experienced what were certainly the biggest waves of the season...if not ever this afternoon.

As intimidating as 6-8ft waves may sound, I would liken them more as playful giants. We had an absolute blast being pummelled by the waves as we attempted to head out from shore. Attempting to run right through the waves was futile as they would relentlessly bull you over...fortunately though, the spacing of the waves allowed you plenty of time to pick yourself up in time to prepare for the next one.

After being knocked on our asses a few times we quickly employed new strategies as we pillaged and plundered through the waves. We jumped over them...well, it was more like jumping into them...we dove under them...as well as my personal favorite, the chest bump. ...I also did try head butting the waves but I wouldn't recommend it unless you like water up your nose.

Besides our great adventures heading out to sea and the always humorous attempts to crawl back ashore as the Lady of the Lake attempts to tug you back out...our actual swims today kind of paled in comparison. So I'll save those tales for another day....

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