Wednesday, September 16, 2009

4-6 foot fun!

Next Swims: Wednesday 4:30pm Klode, Thursday 6:30am Klode

Last night's swim:
Water temp: 73
Clarity: stirred up nearshore, excellent 50-75 meters offshore
Waves: one foot chop
Current: from the northeast
Crew: The Patriarch, Robin, Capt'n and Sir James arrived later.

This morning's swim:
Water temp: 70
Clarity: stirred up
Waves: 2-4ft early then frequent 4-6ft
Crew: The Patriarch, Gabriel, Capt'n

This morning's swim was an absolute blast!! The waves this morning were rolling in frequently approximately 2-3 seconds apart. 2-4 foot waves at the onset of the swim gave way to eventual 4-6ft launch pads for anyone looking for a little body surfing fun.

Due to the size and frequency of this morning waves we walked the plank from Klode's north beach. Our journey took us northward up to a new landmark we now call Cedar Grove...a small patch of cedar trees that line the beach between the garage and the rock wall. Coincidentally the offshore waves in this stretch also seem to be the biggest and most fun.

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