Thursday, September 3, 2009

Full Moon and Temperature Rising

Beach: Klode
Water temp:  68! Wednesday evening, 63 Friday morning
Waves:  Very choppy Wednesday evening, calm Thursday morning
Water Clarity:  Excellent
Crew:  Patriarch solo Wednesday evening.  Steve, Gabriel, Cap'n, Patriarch Thursday morning

Next swims:
Thursday 4:30 PM Klode - today's sunny sky and east wind portend warm water this afternoon
Friday morning: 6AM Klode
Friday evening: Full Moon Swim - meet in the Klode parking lot at 6:45PM, the full moon rises at 7:07PM

The planets align.  Neptune, god of the sea, smiles.  Jupiter will lead the full moon into the sky tomorrow night.

We've had an incredible streak of good swim conditions.  A whole week of rockpile-or-further swims, and afternoon no-wetsuit swims most days.  

This morning we were having so much fun we swam way past rockpile to log almost two miles.  I hesitate to predict anything, because the lake always confounds our predictions, but things look very favorable for swimming all weekend.  Perhaps we can try a Klode to Big Bay swim, and if we're really luck we can make the round trip. 

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