Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Closing In on 100 Swims

Next swims: noon today (Tue), 4:30 PM today, 6:30 AM Wed, all at Klode
The waves are building, predicted to be 2-4 feet by tonight and possibly 5-6 by tomorrow.  It should be fun.

We are only eleven swims away from 100 for the season, we just need the warm water to hold out another week or so, and the forecast appears favorable.  

This morning's swim:
Water temp: 68
Waves: calm
Clarity: perfect
Crew: Gabriel, Cap'n, Patriarch, and Mike joined us a little later

We intended to do a shorter swim to garage and back, but once again it was too nice to stop there, so we probably doubled what we intended.

Last night's swim:
Water temp: 74!
Clarity: excellent
Waves: one foot chop
Crew: Gumdrop, Cap'n, Patriarch, and Gabriel and Steve joined in later.

This was our "day after ironman" swim and we intended it to be a short easy one, but on the way back we ran into Steve on his way to rockpile, so of course we had to join him part of the way.  The conditions are so good it's hard to pull yourself out, no matter how tired you are. 

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JJ4 said...

GREG (and anyone else!)
Interested in a noon(ish) swim on Thursday?
I'll be in the area (of Klode) and was hoping to get in the lake.
11:30? 12:00?
John J