Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just About Perfect

Next swims: Today (Thu) 4:30PM Klode, tomorrow (Fri) 6:30 AM Klode

Last night's swim:
Water temp - 73
Waves: calm
Water clarity: very good
Crew: Cap'n & Patriarch

This morning's swim:
Water temp - 70
Waves: almost calm
Water clarity: excellent, even near shore, the "gunk" is gone
Crew: Robin, Gabriel, Cap'n, Patriarch

The swim conditions are just about perfect. You can swim till you drop in warm, clear, calm water. It might not last long. The persistent onshore winds, which have blessed us with warm water these last two weeks, are predicted to turn around this weekend. Even if they don't, we can't be too far from the end of the swim season, so come out and enjoy it while you can.

We are still hoping to have an end-of-season swim and cookout at noon on Saturday, but the forecast is problematic, and may change the plan. Stay tuned.

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