Thursday, September 10, 2009

Best Swimming of the Season

Wed evening:
Water temp: 72!
Waves: small chop
Water Clarity: cloudy
Crew:  Cap'n got hung up, Patriarch did a solo swim

Thursday morning:  
Water temp: 70
Waves: small rollers
Water Clarity:  good to excellent
Crew:  Cap'n and Patriarch

Next swims:  No scheduled swims until Monday, except of course for Big Shoulders Saturday and Ironman Sunday.  Good luck to all!
Note:  I might do a short swim Friday morning, just to stay loose, but I'm not sure when.

Wednesday evening Cap'n got hung up so I did a delightful solo swim in very warm water.  It was so nice that I had a very difficult time forcing myself to quit.

Thursday morning conditions were just about perfect, so Cap'n and me made an impromptu decision to do a Big Bay non-wetsuit swim.  This is one of our favorite swims, but we haven't one done this yet this season, and it's already mid-September, we couldn't be sure that we'd get another opportunity. 

We left some towels and my car at Klode and took Capn's car to Big Bay.  The half mile north of Big Bay is littered with the remnants of a glorious past, with several now-sunken piers, and broken down terraces and breakwalls on shore.  Jack Pandl's restaurant has pictures of the large beach resort that used to stand here.  It too bad it's gone, and it's too bad most people that live near here never use the lake for anything.  It seems like such a waste.  

We were in no hurry, we just focused on full smooth strokes.  We cruised along ,checking off familiar landmarks as we passed:  sunken pier, post in the water, small beach, flatrock, new staircase, old staircase, sewer pipe, south south beach, reaching Klode all too soon.


Gabriel said...

Friday morning: Water temp: unknown. Waves: small chop. Water Clarity: clear. Crew: Gabriel did a solo swim.
OUTSTANDING!!! Beautiful day to go for a swim. After swimming on Thursday on Lake Monoma smelly an murky waters, Lake Michigan was... OUTSTANDING!!!

Steven said...

Any plans for a Sunday swim?

Alexander said...

Come on guys, quit watching Packers or whining about being sore from doing some Ironman race, and post some info about a Monday morning swim. -- Sandie

mmcgann said...

Interception by Al Harris!
Also how about 6;30 AM

Steven said...

I'd like to swim Monday afternoon. How does 4:30 at Klode sound?