Wednesday, September 30, 2015

She's Very Very Angry

Next Swims: Tonight Wed Sept 30th, 5:30PM
Thursday and Friday at 6AM
Saturday Oct 2nd at noon, followed by "Krufest", a season ending celebration at Kahuna's, details, stay tuned for details

Last Swim: Tuesday Sept 29th 5:30PM
Water Temp: 59
Waves:  4-5 feet, very rough and irregular, strong current too
Water Clarity: None
Crew: Itch, Gumdrop, Diablo, Kahuna, Nanook, Patriarch
Wetsuit/Skin: 3/3
Pitsch: 6

Just a couple days ago we were remarking that we haven't seen any really big waves this season.  Well that's been fixed.  Yesterday's waves were perhaps not the biggest I've ever seen, but certainly some of the roughest.  It was impossible to stand in the surf and I got knocked down several times before giving up.  The others got further but everyone took a pretty good beating.

This morning the conditions were the same, but it was cold and dark too, so we decided not to swim this morning, but try again this afternoon at 5:30.  Gusty northeast winds are expected all day, so the waves may build even more.  Today will be our hundredth consecutive day, if the lake monsters don't get us.

Speaking of monsters, look out for this one.  She's a real bad guy.


Kahuna said...

Yeah, last night was fun, but I think if I go this evening, I'll jog down the beach, and swim back. I didn't make much progress against the current and the waves last evening, especially as I kept looking over my shoulder, noticing how those rocks did not appear to be getting any further away; that and they looked hungry. I think Gum Drop's and Kristy's cavorting on top of the rocks last evening angered the rocks or the Lake, or both. Who's bringing the Pitsch to celebrate 100 this evening?

Linda Stewart said...

I wanted to swim in Lake Erie today, with the 6-9ft waves but was feeling squeamish about doing it alone. I wished this morning that the Kru would be present to either get in with me or cackle and drink Pitsch whilst I head into the rough seas for what could only be considered as a struggle-straggle fest.

Kahuna said...

She's Still Angry at Gumdrop
Next Swims: Thursday 6 AM
Friday at 6AM
Saturday Oct 2nd at noon, followed by "Krufest", a season ending celebration at Kahuna's and SQUaK's.

Last Swim: Wednesday Sept 30th 5:30PM
Water Temp: 57
Air Temp: 54
Waves: 4-5 feet, very rough and irregular, strong current too
Water Clarity: None, mucky brown
Crew: Mr. Anonymous, Gumdrop, Kahuna, with support on shore from Itch, Diablo and Mark a/k/a Verntinytrakowski.
Wetsuit/Skin: 3/0
Pitsch: 6

Well Gumdrop danced around on the rocks last night, and the Lake has not forgiven him. She be angry. Today, she slapped Gumdrop around, ripped off and kept his googles, and did everything she could to squish him on the rocks. Like a jet fighter pilot trying to stick the landing on the deck of a pitching aircraft carrier, those of us on shore had to wave him off on his first approach, so he had to circle around and fight the current, before the Lake spit him out on his ass on the sand. By the time he came out, he looked about as good as the deer carcuss that's been lying on the beach far too long now. But despite the odds and the opposition WE COMPLETED THE 100 DAY STREAK, and celebrated with shots of Pitsch all around.

Speaking of celebration, I hope you can stop by my house Saturday afternoon. The plan is, swim at noon, then head over to my house for a cookout. Don't worry, "She Who Must Not Be Named" is happy to hear your coming over. Our address is 3529 N. Frederick Avenue, Shorewood. If you are not swimming I would expect people will be arriving at my house between 1 and 1:30. We'll fire up the grill, and provide hamburgers, brats, buns, chips, dip, veggies, a big green salad, beer, wine, mineral water and soda. Spouses, significant others and kids welcome. Please bring something to share. You might also want to bring a lawn chair, as I'm a bit short of that type of chair. I don't think it's going to rain, but I think it could be cool that day. So I have a better idea of how much stuff to buy the evening before, if you believe you are likely to be able to join us on Saturday, please send a text message to my cell no., 414.418.4469, telling me whether you plan on coming, and how many others you are bringing with you. Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Saturday!

Gumdrop said...

Mission accomplished, 100 consecutive swims. It was a very rough swim with strong currents and wind. I think another word needs to be invented for this kind of endeavor, as it doesn't really feel much like a swim so much as an obstacle course. Constantly trying to read the water to find the best route while timing the waves so u know when you can catch your next breath and when you need to dive under the wave in order to avoid being swept way off course (and possibly into a pier or rock if you miscalculate the forces at work). Reminds one of the value of humbleness and the puniness of ones little self compared to nature. Seemed like I got caught for awhile at the intersection of horizontal and vertical forces that were difficult to navigate out of (rip current and feeder current?)while trying to come back ashore. That's when its good to have a plan B.

Linda Stewart said...

Wooooo! Right on, great job! :)