Friday, September 25, 2015

BSM #6

Next Swims:
   Saturday September 26th @ noon
   Sunday September 27th @ noon
   Super Moon Swim Sunday September 27th @ 6:30pm (Full Moon Rise 7:11pm)

Last Swim:
   Friday September 25th @ 6am
      Water Temp:  58+
      Air Temp:  60 & mostly clear skies
      Waves: 1-2ft rollers turning into light to moderate chop
      Clarity: stirred up near shore / cloudy further out
      Crew:  Diablo, Kahuna, Showgirl, Itch, Scarface, Mark, Adam, Capt'n with special guest appearance by Crash
      Skin / Suit:  3.5 / 4.5

A nearly cloudless sky with a smattering of clouds on the horizon made for yet another spectacular sunrise swim.  Adding to the pleasant experience was the water temp which ranged on the plus side of 58 (as measured by the Macho-meter) to 61 (as measured by the Itch-o-meter).

This Sunday evening the Super Moon will rise at 7:11 with a lunar eclipse occurring 2 hours later.  The last time this happened was 1982.  For those unfamiliar with a Super Moon it's a full moon rise when the moon is at it's closest orbit to the earth.  I've even read articles that indicate that the moon will appear 17% larger for a Super Moon than a regular full moon.  Anyone interested in an evening swim Sunday as the Super Moon rises?

Now on to today's featured blog entry...Bad Sex Move #6:


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The next time you're lucky enough to be in the bedroom with a partner pretend there's another participant in the room with you and be sure to give equal attention to both partners.  A related bad sex move is to admit to your partner that the reason you're so talented at pretending there's another partner in the room with you is because you practice frequently.  


Showgirl said...

Anybody ever hear the one about the guy whose girlfriend's poodle would join in and make it a threesome?

Gumdrop said...

Just when I thought this blog couldn't possibly sink any lower...God speed Patriarch.