Monday, September 21, 2015

Counting down to #10...

Next Swims:
   Tuesday thru Friday 9/22 - 9/25 @ 6am

Last Swim:
   Monday September 21 @ 6am
      Water Temp:  55
      Air Temp: 50
      Waves: slow rollers < 1ft
      Clarity:  foggy to clear
      Crew: Diablo, Showgirl, Panini, Capt'n with special guest appearance by Crash
      Skin / Suit:  1 /3

A cool but beautiful morning for a swim...sadly it's getting to be that time of the year when the water is warmer than the air temp.  For those who braved the cooler air temps this morning were treated to a spectacular crimson sunrise under mostly clear blue skies.


The remainder of this blog entry is meant for educational purposes only. Send no money now as this is not an offer to sell securities. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you're healthy enough to engage in bad sex. To prevent electric shock, do not open back panel of any sex accessory as no user serviceable parts can be found inside a sex toy. If you do open the back panel be sure to align all parts carefully, then bond before use.  Keep all lubricants away from open flame or spark and remember to apply only to affected area and use only in well-ventilated areas. Use of sex accessories may or may not be subject to government regulation.  You may or may not have additional rights which may vary from country to country. Reading the remainder of this blog including this disclaimer is not recommended for children.  Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.  Do not read while operating a motor vehicle or heavy equipment.  Also do not fold, spindle, or mutilate. 

Bad Sex Move #10 - The Pen Pal

Everyone's familiar with talking dirty in the bedroom..."Wow, your thighs look really different from this angle!"  But why not write dirty in the bedroom? Next time you're enjoying an experience with your significant other in the bedroom why not grab from the nightstand a pen & paper rather than your favorite accessory and start writing words that express how your feeling?  Such as "Hmmm...would you mind going faster", "can we try that again?" or "Wow, your thighs look really different from this angle!".

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Kahuna said...

Just in case Showgirl is too busy with her Scotch-o-roo to blog today:

Next Swims:
Wednesday, 9/23 - 9/25 @ 6am
Last Swim:
Tuesday, September 22 @ 6am
Water Temp: 54 by the Kahuna Meat-O-Meter 5000
Air Temp: 58
Waves: a little riffled, but mostly flat
Clarity: pretty clear
Crew: Diablo, Showgirl, Panini, Kahuna
Skin / Suit: 1 / 3

Clear skies, a bright shining Venus, and a beautious orange sunrise greeted us this morning. The air temp at 6 does tend to be cool on the beach these days. Strategies for getting around such? Diablo is keeping his shirt on until the very last minute, much to the mourning of the women folk at the Park in general. Kahuna is putting on his wetsuit and booties at home, and feeling nice and comfy standing around on the beach waiting to go in. As to our leaders strategies, Captain is staying bed and Patriarch has driven hundreds of miles South. I sure miss the bright sunshine warming up my back that we got to enjoy on Saturday and Sunday. I am running out of BSM's to post. I was thinking about BSM #9 titled "The Scott Walker," which involved a dramatic drop and early withdrawal, but I'm so above such cheap tropes. Someone else will need to step up and share or create.