Friday, September 18, 2015

Above or below the belt?

Next Swims: Saturday, Sept 19, 12noon

Sunday TBD, feel free to suggest a time in the comments
Last Swims: Friday September 18th 6AM
Water Temp: 50.3
Waves: small chop
Water Clarity: cloudy
Crew: Captain, Diablo, Itch, Mark, Showgirl, Panini
Wetsuit/Skin: 0/2

An important bit of clarification from yesterday:  I forgot to give Kahuna 100% of the credit for his brilliant "Too Multch-uous" blog title.  He is a master of puns.

Today the swim streak was saved once again by Diablo and my betrothed, Itch, who bravely swam skin north into the fog.  And lived to tell about it.

Our subject line today relates to Mark's extra kind remark regarding my new swim backpack.  The chest strap rides a little to low for comfort, right across the girls.  Mark suggested that the problem might not be the strap, but the chest.  Specifically the AGE of the chest.  <sigh>  I fear he is right.

Hair and Makeup Report:  A lively discussion was had regarding Ted's extra-short 'do (it's great!) and it was also decided that too much makeup is........ too much.


rsm said...

What did my husband say?? Mark needs to keep all saggy boob comments to himself. The man has NO FILTER!

Kahuna said...

Ya know, if the blog's gonna become a woman's mag until the Patriarch returns, couldn't we make it a little more Cosmo-esque?

Ya know, a little less fashion commentary, and my body's not perfect blah da blah da, and my husband's a jerk letters to the editor, and a little more "12 Sex Moves that Will Drive Him Crazy" posts instead.

rsm said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks Showgirl, now I won't be eating any potato chips for awhile. When is the patriarch coming back!

queenofcurryland said...

I want to do one on 12 sex moves that definitely don't work. You never hear about those things! !!

rsm said...

showgirl has lost control of the blog. did anyone else notice the atwater buoy temp on friday? it seems the lake intentionally dropped just for the 6am swimmers!

Kahuna said...

Game on. I like Panini’s suggestion. We as a group are probably immensely qualified to inadvertently advise as to what actually wouldn’t work, or probably wouldn’t work that well. But, this is a family blog, so we don’t need all the details. How to play: The tone must be sincere. You must come up with a name or headline for your move, and then the initial list of “what you’ll need”. I’ll start.

What you’ll need:
A can of tractor grease
A six pack of Schliltz
A gal named Alice

A willing partner
A six pack of Schlitz
Any car with a back seat
Bail money

Kahuna said...

What you'll need:
A six pack of Schlitz
A willing partner
A big 'ol bag of fireworks
Lots and lots of bacon

What you'll need:
A bicycle built for two
A willing partner
A six pack of Schlitz
A Democratic held executive and legislative branch

Kahuna said...

Isn't anybody gonna blog re Sunday's swim (noon), not to mention Saturday's? Sloppy, sloppy. Patriarch leaves and everything goes to Hell. Well, well, Showgirl must be too tired to blog, what with all that swimming she did today . . . . Oh, wait a minute, she didn't go in, did she? Something about not wanting to mess up her hair do, with Scotty and Itchy around?