Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Who Will Keep the Streak Going?

Next Swims:  Wed 9/25 6AM??  6PM??,  Thursday??  The water is cold and we're down to the real hard core.  Who will walk the plank?   Bubba are you still planning to swim to Halloween (you didn't think we'd forget that you said that did you?)??

Last Swims:
Tue AM report from Diablo:
WTC (Water Too Cold)
Tuesday 6:00AM Report
Kru: Conejitos, Ganso, Diablo, Stupidone
Water Temp: Colder than yesterday but warmer than tomorrow
Air Temp: 53 by the Silver Spring M&I clock
Waves: None

Following the instructions from Amazing One this morning walking the plank took x-tra time; First you put your toes in the water; after the toes were numb then we walked until the water got to knee level. Once again, after the knees were numb we kept moving to reach the hips level... At this point Amazing One instructions went overboard and we ran, Kahuna style, screaming "Mierda, mierda, mierda" (translation Fluh, fluh, fluh).
We logged a swim to the water rain drain spout.
Amazingly after swimming the 53 air temp felt like tropical weather. 
Ganso stayed on the beach to watch the sunrise while the rest of the Kru went running away looking for new adventures and missing, but needed, body parts.
Conclusion: WTC

Tue PM: Gumdrop swam by himself, observed by Patriarch.  Gumdrop's toes say the water warmed to the mid-50s (big whoop).


Gumdrop said...

I will swim @ 5:30 PM tomorrow.

James Biles said...

Don't you mean WTFC?

Ben Speed said...

I'll be the first to admit it. My Halloween goal was dumb. Everything was on track until last week when we experienced a 12 degree drop (62 to 50) in just two days. That was too much for me to bear. It's as if the lady of the lake was a beautiful woman at the end of the bar. I thought I had enough game to approach her, only to find that I was a bumbling fool that was way over my skis. At least that's what what my wife tells me. I'm still up for swims, but need something north of 53. That is my official Mason Dixon line.

Gumdrop said...
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