Monday, September 10, 2012

Pirates Pizza Night Tuesday!

Next Swims:  Tuesday 9/11 6AM & 6PM

Last Swim: Monday 9/10 6PM
Water Temp:  69 (measured by the new Patriarch-o-meter!)
Air Temp: 68 & Sunny
Waves: Rolling waves 1-2ft
Clarity:  Clearer off shore
Crew:  The Patriarch, Diablo, Kahuna, Lorraiine, Capt'n

Hear ye, Hear ye!  So shall it be known that the Klode Kru has spoken and the week day AM swims shall continue until at least Halloween.

Hear ye, Hear ye!!    So shall it also be known that by official decree of The Patriarch that Tuesday September 9th, 2012 has been officially declared as Pirates Pizza night!  The location will be Lisa's Pizza on Oakland.  Swim will commence at 6PM at Klode and Pizza at Lisa's will follow at approximately 7:15pm.  All are welcome and stories from Big Shoulders and Ironman are sure to flow as freely as the grog! 

A map to Lisa's Pizza can be found here:


Ben Speed said...

I've moved my swim schedule up 15 minutes and now swim with Gumdrop, Showgirl and Diablo at 5:45 AM. On Monday, the water was 66 and calm. Today (Tuesday) the water was 67 with a current out of the south. The sunrises are great and the water is warm. Come one, come all.

Ben Speed said...

ATWATER!!! On Saturday morning at 8:00, there will be a swim at Atwater Beach on Lake Drive in Shorewood (Lake and Capital). We'll swim over the shipwreck. For those interested, I plan to go further out and swim around the weather buoy. Meet at the top of the bluff at 8:00 to walk down.

Kahuna said...

Cap'n be hitt'n the grog as he writes his blog. He means Lisa's Pizza at 7:15 pm on Tuesday, September 11, 2012. Hope to see ya there.

Ben Speed said...
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Ben Speed said...

Chill! The water temp on Wednesday morning dropped to 63. But the seas were calm, with a slight current out of the south. Some went skin, some went wetsuit. Attendees included myself, Gumdrop, Showgirl, Kahuna, Steve, Diablo. In all, it was a beaut.